Mission Moments

Mission Moments

Stay up to date with our missions and ministries here at KFUMC through our Mission Moments. 

United Women in Faith

United Women in Faith have been a part of this church since 1940, that 84 years. Our main purpose is to help women, youth, and children. We are lucky to have 4 circles that meet at different times throughout each month. The Rachel circle meets the 2nd Thursday at 9am. Sarah circle meets on the 4th Thursday at 1:30pm. Rebecca circle meets on the 3rd Thursday at 7pm. And P-46:10 is a circle of younger women that meets monthly. 

To get involved in a circle contact Kitty Shepherd or Lauren Petersen.

The United Women in Faith have general meetings for all circles and anyone in the church in April, May, September, and December. During the general meetings, guest speakers come in to present on a variety of topics.

The United Women in Faith also run the Almost Free Shop. If you have shopped at the Almost Free Shop or donated to them, thank you for your support. In 2023 we took in $57,286.17. That money was donated to 32 places. Some of the missions that we donated funds to include the Montgomery Street Preschool, Freedom House, Freedom for Youth, Bidwell Riverside, and Knoxville Elementary Schools. The full list can be found on the bulletin board in the church lobby. 

If you are interested in getting involved with United Women in Faith contact the church office today!