Fellowship Uniting Neighbors

Fellowship Uniting Neighbors (F.U.N.) is an outreach program of the First United Methodist Church striving for fellowship through a viable active group of members focused on living like Christ, taking God’s message through F.U.N. activities to our brothers and sisters in our community, and assisting the church with activities and outreach ministries.

Our Mission is accomplished by:

  • Serving God’s church with FUN events for families, friends and neighbors serving all ages and interests.

  • Partnering with other churches and organizations to spread God’s love to our brothers and sisters.

  • Invite, involve and nurture our friends and neighbors in Discipleship for Christ.

  • Raising funds to provide free community F.U.N. events, promoting Christian fellowship with our brothers and sisters, and financially assisting families and other community organizations.

Our SPIRIT Statement

  • ♥  Serving God, the church, and community.
  • ♥  Promoting passion for Christ and His teachings.
  • ♥  Inviting and accepting others for Discipleship.
  • ♥  Recognizing financial stewardship.
  • ♥  Involving and welcoming everyone in God’s work.
  • ♥  Taking God’s church to the community.