The Story at Knoxville First


Join us on our 31 week journey exploring the Bible in new ways through The Story, an abridged, narrative version of the Bible based of the New International Version. Through this journey we will study the Upper Story of the Bible which is the overarching theme of God’s grace and salvation seen throughout the entire Bible. We will also dive deep into the Lower Story, the individual stories and characters in the Bible. Most of all, we will discover how we fit into these ancient stories in our lives today.

If you have always wanted to read the bible all the way through, now is the time to join us for The Story. The book is compiled in a reader friendly manner, to help you understand God’s Word and be able to follow God’s upper and lower stories all the way from Genesis to Revelation. 

Our vision for The Story is to take our church through a transformational experience into understanding the Bible more deeply. Through this transformation, we strive to show you how as God’s people, we are called to be the light in the world, shepherding others and bringing them to Christ. 

Beginning September 17th we will embark on this journey through The Story during Sunday Worship at 9:30am. Pastor Jamie will cover one chapter a week in his sermons, reading scripture selections and illustrating how we can relate the scripture to our lives today.

If you would like to dig deeper into the story, you are encouraged to join us on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 for The Story Life Groups.

The Story Life Groups

The Story Life Groups are small group bible study centered around digging deeper into The Story. 

We will begin by all meeting as one large group at the church on Tuesday evenings where Pastor Jamie and Pastor Brent will lead the group deeper into the story through videos, discussion questions, and more. As the year progresses, participants are invited to break off into their own small groups to meet in homes or at the church at a time that works best for them. However, you can always remain with the large group on Tuesdays. 

If you would like to participate in The Story Life Groups, we recommend you purchase a copy of the The Story at the front desk for $5. 

Start Date: September 19th

When: Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Where: At KFUMC downstairs in Fellowship Hall


The Story Resources

The Story Timeline with Scripture Verses – This document contains the dates and chapters for The Story along with the scripture passages each chapter of The Story covers.

Parent Pages and Resources

The Parent Pages include the main points from the chapter, age appropriate questions, and activities to help you walk your entire family through The Story at home!

Parent Progress Sticker Sheet – This fun resource allows the kids to reward their parents/grown ups by giving them a sticker for each week they talk about The Story together at home.

If you would like a printed copy of any of these resources, please contact Lauren Petersen at or call 641-842-3712.

Chapter 1 Parent Pages                   

Chapter 2 Parent Pages                   

Chapter 3 Parent Pages                   

Chapter 4 Parent Pages                    

Chapter 5 Parent Pages                    

Chapter 6 Parent Pages                   

Chapter 7 Parent Pages                    

Chapter 8 Parent Pages

Chapter 9 Parent Pages

Chapter 10 Parent Pages

Chapter 11 Parent Pages

Chapter 12 Parent Pages

Chapter 13 Parent Pages

Chapter 14 Parent Pages

Chapter 15 Parent Pages

Chapter 16 Parent Pages

Chapter 17 Parent Pages

Chapter 18 Parent Page

Chapter 19 Parent Page

Chapter 20 Parent Page

Chapter 21 Parent Page

Chapter 22 Parent Page

Chapter 23 Parent Pages

Chapter 24 Parent Pages

Chapter 25 Parent Pages

Chapter 26 Parent Pages

Chapter 27 Parent Pages

Chapter 28 Parent Pages

Chapter 29 Parent Pages

Chapter 30 Parent Pages

Chapter 31 Parent Pages

The Story Books

The Story - Hardcover

You can purchase your copy of The Story at the front desk for only $5.

The Story Student Edition

Suggested Ages: 13 years and older, great for middle and high school kids

Cost: $12.49

Order online at Christian Book.


The Story for Kids

Suggested Ages: 8-12 years old, great for 3rd-5th graders.

Cost: $8.99

Order online at Christian Book.


The Story for Children

Suggested Ages: 5-8 years old, great for Kindergarten – 2nd graders.

Cost: $14.99

Order online at Christian Book.

The Story for Little Ones

Suggested Ages 2-5 years old, great for preschool kids.

Cost: $14.99

Order online at Christian Book.

The Story Audio Book

 Click on the book cover to listen to The Story on YouTube