Basketball Academy

A Christian environment with fun & fellowship while teaching skills and good character!

Basketball Academy

Boys and Girls 3rd through 6th Grade


  1. To develop a personal relationship with children that allows the introduction and reinforcement of ethical behavior based on Christian principles.
  2. To provide quality and quantity instruction on the basic fundamentals of basketball in an enjoyable way which results in improved skills.

Any and all skill levels are encouraged to participate! We focus on every kid who wants to play is able to play!

We have provided transportation from the school by using unpaid servants of God and our church van. We have subsidized the program to make it affordable for all and provided scholarship funds for those on free and reduced lunch.

Our unpaid servants also provide an after school snack and drinks in our church basement prior to going over to a county owned gymnasium across the alley.

Daily Activities:

  • Immediately following school, kids are shuttled from the school via our church van or brought by parents to the church and provided an after school snack and drinks in our church basement.
  • Then off to Memorial Hall for 40 minutes of drill work. Drills are timed and efforts are recorded so each player can compete with themselves to get better.
  • Next, a 10–15 minute “devotional huddle” where we discuss questions like “Who is God?”, “What’s the Bible?”, “Does God Want Us to Be Good All The Time”; a different question each day.
  • After huddles, more basketball drill work until 5:00 p.m. when the parents can pick the kids up.

We intentionally chose to operate our basketball program immediately after school as it creates a way for kids to participate (transportation provided) and still have time for evenings with family, homework, dinner together, baths and still have a reasonable bedtime.

It’s a mission of passion, a mission of caring, a mission to impact our community, a mission to change people’s lives—a mission in the language of God—LOVE!